Knowledge itself is pretentious. That’s how Nobel Prize winner F.A. Hayek described it, anyway. Sure, you can go out and collect facts; quantitative data that can hold up under any level of scrutiny.

But sometimes knowledge just won’t do you any good at all.

Especially not when you’re dealing with what Hayek went on to term “essentially complex phenomena.” According to Hayek, there are situations that depend on so many variables, so many individuals and discrete actions, that human knowledge is simply incompetent to grasp it all. The outcomes of some situations, in other words, just cannot be determined in advance.

Johannes and his Resynchronizer team spent Issues #3-5 gathering all the intelligence they could on the elusive exotemporal, Dr. Tomorrow. They had finally located the Field Hospital in which Dr. Tomorrow was trafficking in illegal life-saving drugs and medical techniques—ones from (way) beyond 1952.

But there were more players in the drama than our heroes could have guessed. More raw influence and manipulation being brought to bear on the mix than maybe even the best detective’s mind could have parsed.

And in Epochalypse #6, Johannes’s bill comes due. He tried to force together hard evidence, hunches, and reasoned speculation into some kind of harmony. But the parts of the plan he composed couldn’t be brought together. And now it’s time to pay the piper. His failure to apprehend Dr. Tomorrow will have consequences. The way he tried to take out Ross Bledsoe will have consequences. Letting The Salesman slip through his fingers, again, will have consequences.

epochalypse_6_resynchronizers_surroundedEven when these consequences explode like a powderkeg, he will be left grappling with even more complexity than his pride and his prejudices can contend with.

“Aid and Comfort” marks the last monthly issue to hit stands before the release of the trade paperback, on sale July 7, 2015!

So let me extend a warm invitation to all you “trade waiters” out there. Epochalypse #1-6 will finally be available between a single set of covers, with no agonizing month (or, ahem, longer, as the case has been) to wait between installments.

The trade is available for preeorder now!

In this issue the eminently talented Pete Woods takes over the helm in the pencils department.

I hope you like what he brings to the story as much as I have! Color art by Morry Hollowell and Jamie Grant. Patrick Brosseau as ever letters and sensational cover art by Dave Johnson. Many thanks to these guys and everyone at Legendary for bringing out the first story arc of Epochalypse.


Epochalypse #6’s release date is May 06, 2015.

Preorder epochalypse #1-6 in trade paperback now!

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