Prepare yourself for orientation. Did the nearly real-time opening skirmish of the Epochalypse story leave you with questions? When are we? Where are we? Who are these “Resynchronizers?”

If so, then Issue #2 is coming January 7th, 2015, to widen your field of vision. Find it in your local comic book store or online at Comixology.

Provocatively entitled “The New Now,” Epochalypse #2 will take you to times and places you don’t necessarily expect comics to take you. We’ll get much more than a glimpse into the backstory of our hero, Johannes Van Der Honing. How he once loved someone so much that Johannes was prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice — but tragically had the chance to trade his own young life for another’s ripped from him.

It was a short, roller coaster life of yearning, violence, and dislocation that left Johannes ticking the way he ticks. And now all that pain — for good or for ill — Johannes has channeled into the challenge of running down his bête noire: The Salesman. In “The New Now,” we’ll encounter The Salesman in the “flesh” for the very first time.

As those great troubadours of Gen X once sang, “Even Old New York was once New Amsterdam.” Why did they change it? Epochalypse #2 won’t say, exactly. But the storyline will submerge you in the sometimes dark real-life history of the clash of cultures that made Manhattan a sometimes dangerous place to live even more than three centuries ago.

All that, and an arresting vision of “The Incongruity” as well — the inexplicable and disastrous collapse of history that has remade the world into what it is now.

The inestimable Shane Davis continues his reign as penciler and a swell cover by Steven Mannion and Morry Hollowell. Color art by Mr. Hollowell as well and letters by Patrick Brosseau.