At the Scottsdale Beer Palooza—June 20!

The Comic Book Story of Beer is making its first public appearance, complete with FREE limited edition, themed pint glasses for everyone who preorders the book! Come on out June 20 in Greater Phoenix, Arizona.

As The Comic Book Story of Beer approaches its new, moved-up sale date of September 22, 2015, we’ll be making appearances and doing special offers and giveaways at beer events, comics conventions, and sundry other gatherings of true cognoscenti. So be sure to follow us on Twitter and check back here often for updates!

We’re excited to announce that our very first foray into the vast public space of drinker-readers (and reader-drinkers) will be Saturday, June 20, in greater Phoenix, Arizona, at the Scottsdale Beer Palooza. Come look for co-author Jonathan Hennessey and get a first glimpse of our humble volume in its entirety.

Please note: this is a ticketed, 21+ event. Tickets available from the Scottsdale Beer Palooza. On the upside: it’s indoors and well air-conditioned!

We will say thank you to the first 125 folks to preorder The Comic Book Story of Beer with a free, themed, souvenir pint glass!

Limit one per customer.
See you in the Valley of the Sun!